By: Maurice King

Buyer Agreement – Why You Should Want One

Tags: Buyer Agreement – Why You Should Want One


If you’re looking to take advantage of this changing real estate market, chances are you’re doing a lot of online research. But don’t limit your search by only using the Internet. It’s often too specific and misses hot “opportunities.” 

Having a relationship with us, is about knowing there are professionals who will help you find that special home and to be your advocate, on your side, during the negotiation process. 

With a signed Buyer Agency Agreement, as your Buyer Agents:
• We have a declared responsibility to you and only you - not the vendor.
• We are committed to searching, evaluating, and recommending the property that best fits you - not just any property.
• We disclose facts and provide advice to help guide your decision-making. As your Buyer Agents, We know that advice may steer you away from a specific property, but ultimately toward a “better fit.”