By: Maurice King

CO Detectors Are A Must

Tags: CO Detectors Are A Must

Everyone knows that Smoke & Fire Alarms are required throughout our homes. But Carbon Monoxide - CO Detectors are too often forgotten.

Any appliance that burns fuel can produce Carbon Monoxide. This includes heaters, oil or gas furnaces, car engines, pool heaters and fireplaces.

CO is a silent, deadly killer. CO Alarms have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. Don't wait to replace them. Take yours off the wall or ceiling today and check the expiration date. And just like fire and smoke alarms, have more than 1 CO Alarm in your home, on different levels.

  • Never use an unvented natural gas cooking appliance as a space heater, unless you know it's properly vented, for fresh air and to expel possible CO gas.
  • Never use fuel-fed space heaters indoors.
  • Never use a charcoal, or gas type barbeque inside a home or garage. More than just a source of CO, the intense heat can lead to a ceiling fire.