By: Maurice King

Happy "Welcome Back"

Tags: Happy "Welcome Back"

While following recommendations of health professionals, many of us are now getting out and enjoying sunny days and opportunities to visit, to shop, and if you’re lucky enough to get an appointment, even a haircut. Loosened restrictions are “refreshing” however, there continues to be a need for caution. The end of the lockdown isn’t a return to the old “normal” and it’s not universal.


Emerging from the weeks of isolation, we’re all more vigilant about health. That includes us. Over the past few months, we have adopted new systems and we are employing new methods to help keep buyers and sellers safe as they navigate their real estate transactions.No one yet knows what our post-pandemic economy will look like. When you have questions about the housing market, property values, and how low Mortgage Rates, lower Qualifying Rate and new CMHC rules may affect the market and your plans, we are always here to share facts and trends.