By: Eleanor King & Maurice King


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It’s often been said that you only get one chance to make a great first impression and when it comes to your home, that comes down to curb appeal. 

If you’re planning to sell your home, curb appeal gives prospective buyers a sense of what they can expect when they step inside. If your home’s exterior is well maintained, they’ll know the entire house has quite likely been well cared for under your ownership.

Curb appeal can also give you a competitive advantage – something that’s increasingly important as the real estate market begins to shift this spring from a seller’s market. If you’re not planning to sell, curb appeal will reflect your enduring pride in your home and create outdoor spaces you’ll love. 

If needed, functional renovations like a new roof, windows and/or doors could increase the value of your home and give you greater return on investment. If budget is a concern, however, there are many cost-effective ways to improve your home’s exterior. 

That begins with a thorough power washing – and not just the windows, which are top of mind because clean windows will flood your home with natural light. A power wash will remove the dirt, grime and cobwebs that may have accumulated over the years and will go a long way to brightening your home’s façade. 

Take care of small repairs. Take a walk around the outside of your house and make note of anything that requires a quick fix, such as replacing ripped screens and burned-out bulbs and touching up chipped paint. Reset or replace any uneven or sunken walkway pavers that have sunk or lifted. 

Paint the front door. Adding a statement colour to the front door is an easy way to uplift the façade of a home, while complementing the architecture and surrounding landscape. 

Hot shots of red, yellow or orange are naturally warm and exuberant, Benjamin Moore tells us. Green, grey and blue doors are a naturally gracious expression for the entrance to your home, especially when they contrast with a house’s warm undertones. The paint manufacturer suggests taking cues from the colours of the space your door will open into. Pull a strong accent colour from those spaces for colour continuity or choose a more saturated shade of a primary interior colour.

Upgrade hardware. Dark exteriors and black accents are on trend so consider pairing lighter siding and brick with moodier blacks and charcoals. Swap out brass or silver door handles, door frames, locks and the mailbox with matte black for a modern vibe. 

Let there be light. Illuminate a walking path and highlight trees and/or architectural features with low-voltage or solar landscape lighting. Choose the same lightbulbs and wattage for fixtures on either side of the front door and/or the garage door. Make sure the address number or plaque is close to the lighting source so it’s easily visible from the street. Greet visitors with a seasonal welcome mat. 

Dress up your porch. If you have a front porch, create a comfortable outdoor living space with seating. Remove clutter. Too much stuff, such as knickknacks and furniture stashed in corners, bikes and recycle bins, are distracting and make a space feel smaller. A few outdoor accessories can make a porch feel inviting. Pillows, for example, add colour and character, while a mirror or artwork can hide an unsightly wall and visually expand the space. An area rug grounds the space and gives it a cozy feel. 

Go green. Make sure your lawn, hedges, trees and gardens are well maintained. Hanging plants or flower baskets add instant colour and create privacy while also extending your gardens. Hang a seasonal wreath on the door. Overgrown trees and shrubs can overpower a front entrance so make sure they’re trimmed and, if your front porch or landing is small, consider dwarf or midsized options.

When selecting flowers and plants for your gardens, porch, patio and/or deck, pay attention to each space’s exposure to sunlight. Using similar plants, colour schemes and/or architectural details creates a welcome sense of cohesion and will help make your exterior feel larger. Remove weeds. Repair and reseal the driveway. 

Ask for our advice. If you’re thinking of moving, you might be wondering if you should tackle any renovations or upgrades before listing your house for sale. The King Home Team: Royal Heritage Realty can provide you with insights into what buyers are currently looking for in your neighbourhood and what renovations may help sell your home quicker and for the best price.