By: Eleanor King & Maurice King


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For many of us, spring cleaning is a rite of passage and it’s no wonder: the practice has been entrenched for generations. 

In fact, the tradition dates back centuries and is a hallmark of numerous cultures and religions. In years gone by, spring cleaning was deemed a necessity because homes were coated with soot and grime from oil or kerosene lamps and wood fires or coal stoves that were lit during dark, cold winters.

Whether you take pride in methodically cleaning every surface in your home or can turn a blind eye to dust bunnies, you might wonder how your spring-cleaning habits compare to others. A recent Ipsos survey commissioned by Libman, a business that manufactures household cleaning tools, can help you decide. 

Pandemic cleaning

The survey found 59 per cent of Canadians engage in spring cleaning every year. Perhaps not surprisingly, the practice has taken on new meaning for many households since the onset of the pandemic. One of four admit they’re cleaning more vigorously compared to pre-pandemic times, thanks in large part to being home more often and concerns related to the COVID-19 virus entering the home.   

If the thought of cleaning your home’s nooks and crannies conjures up all kinds of emotions, you’re hardly alone. Survey respondents report experiencing emotions that include comfort, confident, inspired and eager to begin but also overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. 

But there’s light at the end of the proverbial tunnel: virtually all Canadians who engage in spring cleaning feel a strong sense of accomplishment once the annual endeavour is complete. Ninety-two per cent of those surveyed feel more relaxed when they have a clean home, 90 per cent believe having a clean home is important for mental health and 89 per cent believe it’s important for their physical health, too. 

Windows a pain point

The survey reveals other interesting insights, including least favourite tasks. Washing windows inside and out tops the list of tasks respondents would like to offload to someone else if they could at 27 per cent, following by thoroughly cleaning the bathroom – including scrubbing grout and tiles – at 15 per cent and scrubbing large kitchen appliances inside and out at 13 per cent. 

Priorities differ from one household to another. Thoroughly cleaning the bathroom ranks as the highest spring-cleaning priority at 40 per cent, followed by decluttering, sweeping all floors, scrubbing large kitchen appliances inside and out, mopping floors, and washing windows inside and out. At the opposite end of the spectrum, dusting and polishing furniture ranks lowest on the list of priorities, followed by dusting ceiling fans, light fixtures and high surfaces; wiping down baseboards, walls, windowsills, doors and door handles; and emptying and washing kitchen cupboards and drawers inside and out.

Interestingly, the importance of spring cleaning also varies from one generation to the next. Gen Xers and Boomers are more likely to think having a clean home is important to their physical health, while Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to view spring cleaning as waste of time.

Adopt a strategy

Cleaning your home from top to bottom may never feel effortless, but there are lots of strategies that can set you up for success. For starters, stock up on your must-have cleaning supplies. If you prefer natural ingredients, there’s no shortage of recipes online that use staples like lemons, baking soda, white vinegar and Castile soap. 

Plan to clean room by room and get rid of clutter along the way, which includes packing away winter coats and accessories. While doing that, consider donating or selling gently used items that you no longer need. Consider enlisting the help of family members by assigning age-appropriate chores, so everyone feels included. Don’t quite know where to begin? You can find helpful spring-cleaning checklists and/or survival guides online. 

If you’re planning to sell your home this spring, cleaning is among the best investments you can make because it shows buyers that you’ve cared for your home and helps them imagine themselves living there. This helpful checklist (
will help ensure your home is ready to list when you are. 

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