By: Maurice King

Does Your Home Have WiFi Dead Zones?

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A WiFi repeater or extender can increase the coverage area of your existing WiFi network. It works by receiving the existing signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. In many cases, a WiFi repeater can effectively double the network coverage area - reaching the far corners of your home or office, different floors, and even extend coverage to your yard. WiFi repeaters are eas...Read More

By: Maurice King

An Easy Solution for Cranky Windows

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Winter can be hard on windows. The freeze could have the frame flexing or cause the window sill to sag. And if you have crank-out windows you likely have one that’s difficult to crank-closed properly. One way to close the window is to have someone on the outside push on the window, and someone on the inside crank the window and lock it. But there's another way - use a glass suction cup...Read More

By: Maurice King

Wondering About This Changing Market?

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These days, the headlines about the economy as well as the real estate market seem confused and are confusing. Markets Up. Markets down. Markets changed. Markets about to change. Forecasters seem to be hedging bets from quarter to quarter. While sales volumes are up, there is a lack of "inventory," or homes for sale, in many areas, and tight supply is creating year-over-year gains for h...Read More

By: Maurice King

Signs The Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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If you've noticed puffs of dust coming out of an air duct when you turn on the heat. Or you've noticed dust or pet hair in the vent. Or a coating of dust on the grill of the return air register... It might be an indication that the duct work might be due for a cleaning. Quick Checks: 1. Look inside vent covers to see if it contains dirt or matted dust. 2. Check return air registers for du...Read More

By: Maurice King

During a winter power outage:

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• Keep faucets running at a trickle to prevent water pipes from freezing. • Unplug appliances & electronics - a power surge, when the electricity returns, may cause damage. • Switch one light on - to show when power has returned. • If you use a generator, only operate it in a well-ventilated area. Not inside. Not even in a garage. • Assume any low hanging or downed lin...Read More

By: Maurice King

Stuff to know:

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• Cell phone networks or individual towers may stop working - their electric supply is usually on the same power grid as the neighbourhood’s. • Cell phone battery time should be conserved until you locate a recharge station. Invest in a battery power pack or hand-crank battery re-charger. • When there's a weather warning, fill your gas tank. In a storm, gas stations may ru...Read More

By: Maurice King

We're in The Home Stretch

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A new year is on the horizon, and as we enjoy the "indoor season" many of us take the opportunity to reflect on the highlights of the outgoing year. From a real estate perspective there's been plenty of news and opinion as housing markets across the country remain, in many cases, resilient. Yet, some areas continue to ebb and flow in sync with more local events. Yes, there are posit...Read More

By: Maurice King

Are the Facts Your Credit Score is Built on Correct?

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A good Credit Score can make a big difference on the interest you pay when getting a loan. Yes, your Credit Score is important but more important is that the information it's based on is correct. A credit application you make can land in a "higher risk" category because of wrong facts used in building your Credit Score - which could then have you paying a higher interest rate, or eve...Read More

By: Maurice King

Vacation Planning?

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Whether you live in a house or a condo, there are a few things to take care of before you head out on vacation: • Check your insurance policy to see how many days you can be away without it affecting insurance coverage. • Leave a key with a trusted neighbour or friend so your place can be accessed if necessary. In a condo, make sure the Condominium Management knows who to call in case th...Read More

By: Maurice King

Winter Ice Surprise

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Weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable, no matter the season, there are items we now know to keep on hand: • Cash money - ATMs may be down. • A hand-crank flashlight and hand crank radio. • Batteries. • Non-perishable food - snack bars, nuts, canned food. • Bottled water. Plus, at first sign of utility problems fill some containers with water. • An "ol...Read More