By: Maurice King

Happy "Welcome Back"

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While following recommendations of health professionals, many of us are now getting out and enjoying sunny days and opportunities to visit, to shop, and if you’re lucky enough to get an appointment, even a haircut. Loosened restrictions are “refreshing” however, there continues to be a need for caution. The end of the lockdown isn’t a return to the old “normal” ...Read More

By: Maurice King

Collateral Mortgage vs Conventional Mortgage

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  When applying for a mortgage, we’re familiar with asking about the term, amortization, interest rate, and monthly payments. There’s another aspect to be aware of. Some Mortgage Lenders are now asking Borrowers to sign Collateral Mortgages — and it could result in a Borrower being tied to that Lender for longer than anticipated. The downsides of a Collateral Mortgage ca...Read More

Master Insurance Policy - Do You Know What’s Covered?

By: Maurice King

Master Insurance Policy - Do You Know What’s Covered?

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Condominium Corporations have a Master Insurance Policy that covers the common elements. However, the Master Policy would not cover the inside of a specific suite, so damage to the ceiling, floor, walls, furniture, belongings, as well as personal liability, should be covered by a Homeowners Insurance Policy. At the next Condo Board meeting, suggest a review of the Master Policy with the condomini...Read More

By: Maurice King

Chemical-Free Gardening

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    With the focus on the environment, chemical-free lawns are already       legislated in most areas. It’s easy to apply green-thinking to controlling       garden pests as well.  • Use plants to attract beneficial insects such as mini-wasps, nematodes, and   ladybugs that attack pests. Or, build a bat box or...Read More

By: Maurice King

Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

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Retailers push them, but before you buy consider this: Repairs may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.  There's a good chance the product is covered for at least 90 days and if it is defective, you'll know very soon. Check to see if it's a repair or replace warranty. Your credit card may have you covered. Some credit cards automatically extend the manufacturer's w...Read More

By: Maurice King

Access FOB Counterfeiting – A Security and Safety Concern

Tags: Access FOB Counterfeiting – A Security and Safety Concern

Entering a condominium or apartment building using a key fob is easy and convenient. However, fob "copying" companies are springing-up like weeds and that has Condo Boards and Management Companies concerned about safety. And rightly so. Condo owners often copy fobs so friends and family have easy access. And they're often provided to short-term renters, technicians, and tradespeople....Read More

By: Maurice King

Title Insurance

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Title Insurance protects property owners and their mortgage lender against Title "surprises."  It's an important consideration. But before you purchase, compare policies to find out what's covered and be aware of possible exclusions, which may include: - Known Title Defects (that were revealed before the property was purchased); - Environmental Hazards (e.g. soil contaminati...Read More

By: Maurice King

Spring Weather. Warm Housing Market.

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On Wednesday, March 4th, the Bank of Canada cut the Key Rate by 50 basis points to 1.25%. This, a day after the U.S. Federal Reserve dropped their Benchmark Rate by 50 basis points to a range of 1% to 1.25% as a stimulus response to global economic uncertainty. Is the BoC rate drop health-fear related and a moment in time, or a trend? Fact is, right now lower rates will heat real estate markets. ...Read More

By: Maurice King

Does Your Home Have WiFi Dead Zones?

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A WiFi repeater or extender can increase the coverage area of your existing WiFi network. It works by receiving the existing signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. In many cases, a WiFi repeater can effectively double the network coverage area - reaching the far corners of your home or office, different floors, and even extend coverage to your yard. WiFi repeaters are eas...Read More

By: Maurice King

An Easy Solution for Cranky Windows

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Winter can be hard on windows. The freeze could have the frame flexing or cause the window sill to sag. And if you have crank-out windows you likely have one that’s difficult to crank-closed properly. One way to close the window is to have someone on the outside push on the window, and someone on the inside crank the window and lock it. But there's another way - use a glass suction cup...Read More