By: Maurice King

ENERQi Invisible Fast Wireless Charger

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Love the convenience of wireless charging, but dislike the look of the wireless pads... and wires? The ENERQi mounts under the surface of a table, desk, or even a kitchen counter while the phone charges on the surface. Charging up to 40mm away, ENERQi can turn practically any piece of furniture into a Fast Wireless Charging Station. Unveiled at CES in January, this device is scheduled to be releas...Read More

By: Maurice King

Seasonal Reminders

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Before the snow flies put the air conditioner cover on. A secure cover will prevent damage from water getting into the delicate fins - freezing, expanding and causing costly, yet preventable damage. Clocks "fall back" an hour on Sunday, November 3rd. Be sure you change smoke and CO alarm batteries when you change the time. Replace the furnace filter to keep the furnace working efficien...Read More

By: Maurice King

Have Real Estate Questions? We Deliver Answers.

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As the days get shorter and nights become cooler, now's the time when many people are getting their homes ready for winter. Others are thinking that this is a wonderful season for a move. Low Mortgage Rates continue to attract buyers. Ongoing trade disputes, "cloudy" forecasts for our economy, and the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering their Benchmark Rate has many economists speculating...Read More

By: Maurice King

Is Your Home Empty-Nester Ready?

Tags: Is Your Home Empty-Nester Ready?

As the baby-boomer generation ages, sights are set on a different type of home. What's grabbing the attention of these now-getting-older homebuyers? •    Wider doorways •    Non-slip floors •    Lighting, with even distribution •    Easily accessible electrical outlets and light switches •    D...Read More

By: Maurice King

Heating Season's Coming - Get a Furnace Inspection

Tags: Heating Season's Coming - Get a Furnace Inspection

Once the cold weather sets in, you want to know the furnace is running reliably. An unexpected breakdown could be more than a chilly night, it may mean frozen water pipes if it happens while you're away. Plus, a well-adjusted heating system saves money on fuel and prolongs furnace life. Some maintenance is easy, like replacing the filter, however, it’s a good idea to have the furnace pr...Read More

By: Maurice King

Looking To Make A Move?

Tags: Looking To Make A Move?

With all of the mixed media messages, it's no wonder that people often wonder - is now is the best time to get into a new place? While nothing is guaranteed to go straight up, real estate is a proven and predictable investment that appreciates over time. What makes this a great time to explore real estate opportunities? 1) Over the summer we've seen Fixed Rate Mortgages offered at even m...Read More

By: Maurice King

Chemical-Free Pest Control

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With the environmental-focus these days, there's a push to go chemical-free when controlling garden pests. A few ways to get started: • Use plants to attract beneficial insects such as mini-wasps, nematodes, and ladybugs that attack pests. Or, build a bat box or birdhouse to attract larger pest-eaters. • Mix a spray with strong odours (garlic or pepper). Oils like neem or citrus w...Read More

By: Maurice King

Deciding on a Driveway?

Tags: Deciding on a Driveway?

f you're in the planning stages of resurfacing the driveway, you may be weighing the advantages and disadvantages of concrete and asphalt. Compared with concrete, an asphalt driveway: • Is less expensive • Is less prone to frost damage • Is easier to DIY fix • Is easier to clean • Can be re-layered Both need to be sealed every few years. And both are good for snow r...Read More

By: Maurice King

Considering a Retractable Screen Door?

Tags: Considering a Retractable Screen Door?

There are many inexpensive options available, from magnet click n' stick to higher-end retractable screens. When it comes to this type of home upgrade, paying more means better performance, as well as options like:  • Pet Resistant Mesh - heavier gauge that resists shredding.  • Deep Track - to securely hold the screen in place.  • Slide Bolt - that holds the in-a...Read More

Cool Tips to Beat Summer Heat

By: Maurice King

Cool Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Tags: Cool Tips to Beat Summer Heat

1) If you haven’t already: change the direction of the ceiling fan. It should rotate counter-clockwise. In this direction, the air is pushed downward creating a wind chill effect that can make you feel as much as 4 degrees cooler than the room actually is.  2) Open windows in the evening to let cool breezes in. Close them and lower the blinds in the morning to keep out the summer sun.&n...Read More