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The Ten Dumbest
Smart People Make
When Buying or Selling a Home…
And How to Avoid Them

Home Buyers:

Mistake #1: Not knowing how much they can or want to pay before they make an offer.
The way to avoid this mistake is to have your salesperson recommend a good mortgage broker to get pre-approved for a loan. This way you will know in advance how much you want to pay monthly for your new home.

Mistake #2: Not using the “free” services of a salesperson to help them find a home.
Many people don’t know that they can use a salesperson to search and find homes for them. In most cases, the listing salesperson selling the home pays for these services.

Mistake #3: Not realizing who the listing salesperson represents.
Most buyers think that the Open House salesperson is working for them. But, unless you have hired them to work for you, they represent the seller’s interests.

Mistake #4: Not discovering hidden defects before buying the home.
One of the most expensive mistakes is also one of the easiest to avoid by having a professional pre-purchase inspection. Defects can be fixed before move-in.

Mistake #5: Not knowing how much their credit can affect their ability to buy a home.
You can clear many of the clouds on your credit history by working closely with your mortgage broker. S/he will work with you to review and prepare your credit file in advance of your mortgage application. This planning and preparation assures the acceptance of your file.

Home Sellers:

Mistake #6: Basing the asking price for the home on seller needs or emotions rather than real market value.
Many times, home sellers make pricing decisions based on how much they paid for or invested into their homes. This can be an expensive mistake. Overpriced homes take longer to sell and eventually net the seller less money than appropriately priced homes. A salesperson can show you how the buyer is looking at your home and help you determine a market value that will net you what you want in a shorter time.

Mistake #7: Failing to “stage” their home.
First impressions are the most important. Experience shows that for every $100 in repairs that your home needs at the time you have it on the market, a buyer will deduct $500-600 from their offer. Your salesperson can offer you sound advice on what needs repair or replacement and what will pass the buyer’s careful scrutiny. Prep your home for top dollar.

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Free Report brought to You by the KingOfBrooklin and the KingHomeTeam.

Mistake #8: Failing to allow the listing salesperson and other selling salespeople free and private access to the home.
Selling a home can try the strongest ego. Some sellers can’t resist the temptation to “help” the salesperson during showings and Open Houses. Most buyers are very uncomfortable when the sellers are present. Leave the home to the salesperson and let them do their job. This is a sure way to shorten the selling time.

Mistake #9: Choosing a salesperson for the wrong reason.
Some homeowners list their homes with salespeople who promise them the highest price or lowest commission. Choose the salesperson that you trust to work hard for you and represent your interests above his or her own. You need someone with a good track record and a great marketing plan to sell your home.

Mistake #10: Not knowing all of the rights and obligations created when signing a contract.
Selling a home is a complex transaction. A purchase agreement is a binding contract. Even “small” mistakes can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

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