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How is that possible?
Market research has proven that as a homeowner you could sell your home for up to 18% more money when you apply the Expert Advisor Home Selling SystemTM and the following 7 Laws.

If all real estate salespeople were created equally, then every salesperson would be able to get you top dollar when selling your home. What you will find in this report are the 7 Laws that Certified Home Advisers have been trained to adhere to with respect to the Expert Advisor Home Selling SystemTM to get you top dollar for your home.

Law of Expert Consultation

When you need to sell your home, expert advice is critical. Your initial consultation with your real estate salesperson is the foundation for your entire real estate experience. The wrong advice in most cases, doesn’t just cost you money, it means your home fails to sell. Our goals become your goals and we determine together the best strategy to get your home sold at the top of the market.

Can you see… how getting the right advice could help you sell for up to 1-3% more?

Law of Differentiation

When your home is on the market with similar homes, differentiation that drives consumer performance can drastically drive up the perceived value of your home to buyers. You want to position your home to attract a high offer. That means we have to look at where we can potentially invest your budget to get the greatest return on investment. Certain repairs and upgrades can yield 10-1 returns in price. For example, a professionally staged home can sell for up to 6-10% more than a home that is not professionally staged. Market research also shows that having your home pre-inspected can drive down your out-of pocket expenses and save you 2-4% in the negotiation process.

Can you see…how having a differentiation strategy could help you sell for up to 1-3% more?

Law of Exposure

When it comes to marketing your home, being average just isn’t good enough. We allocate a significant portion of our costs to proven marketing systems that get the largest number of qualified buyers to stop and look at your home. There are many ways to spend these marketing dollars and we have researched the places where the most qualified home buyers shop. We invest in proven marketing, motion-driven copy writing, professional photography and detailed tracking and reporting to keep you up to date with our efforts. This approach will get you the most reach and exposure to the qualified buyers and could be attracting quality showings.

Can you see…how investing in a proven marketing strategy could help you sell for up to 1-3% more?

Law of Cooperation

This is an often-overlooked area in the process of marketing your home. We have a detailed marketing plan that includes marketing to top buyer specialists in the marketplace to make sure that your home is in front of every buyer, even the ones who are not working with us. Many salespeople will offer to lower their commission to get you to list your home and this can be a deadly mistake because it also lowers the commission that is offered to cooperating brokers and salespeople. This can result in fewer showings. Our strategy attracts these top buyer agents and gives them more of an incentive to sell your home.

Can you see…how investing in a proven marketing strategy that focuses on attracting co-operating salespeople could help you sell for up to 1-3% more?

Law of Buyer Attraction

Since we know a large majority of the potential buyers are already working with a salesperson we must have great systems for attracting and retaining potential buyers for your home. We utilize a multitude of cutting edge technologies to attract and continually communicate with potential buyers for your home. These systems allow us to respond to inquiries about your home in real time as opposed to the industry average, 16 hour response time. The home buying process can take months and our systems allow us to efficiently keep up with these buyers so we have the best chances of working with them and ultimately showing your home.

Can you see…how having a system for attracting qualified buyers could help you sell for up to 1-3% more?

Law of Negotiation

The negotiation process can be one of the largest leverage points across the entire transaction. By now you can see the value in a perceptive approach to the home sale and attracting high offers vs. low offers. Done properly, you should have an offer quickly on your home and you should be negotiating from a position of strength. Negotiation takes focus and skill. Since the average salesperson only sells four homes per year, there is much to be done to position you to win during this process. Maurice King is a Certified Master Negotiation Expert.

Can you see…how having a strong negotiation strategy could help you sell for up to 1-3% more?

Law of Execution

It takes a team of experts to effectively execute such a robust home selling plan. With over 115 variables involved and up to 18% more money for you as a seller, it is critical that none of these variables are left to chance. Together we work as a team to ensure your home sale goes through without the typical setbacks and delays of the traditional home selling methods. We make your goals our goals and throughout the entire process we strive to make you feel as if you are our only client. Communication is the key to a successful transaction and with our resources and team we can not only execute the Expert Advisor Home Selling SystemTM, we can keep you well informed along the way.

Can you see…how having proven, repeatable systems executed by trained professionals could help you sell for more money?

What is the next step?

The most effective way to position your home in the market to attract the highest offer is to have a Certified Home Selling AdvisorTM complete a Market Analysis.TM We have identified 115 variables involved in the home selling process that must be pro-actively managed to attract the highest possible offer in the market. Your home’s sale price is dependent on the management of these variables. As a Certified Home Selling AdvisorTM my team has been trained on the Expert Advice Home Selling System.TM This system is a proven reputable process that identifies these variables so you get the highest possible price when selling your home.”

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